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by admin on September 11, 2012

Why Contact an Oil Spill Attorney?

We are now more than 3 years out from the largest oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. On April 20, 2010, the BP-owned Deepwater Horizon oil-rig exploded. The devastating aftermath of this incident affected not just the environment on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, but the economy and the health of its inhabitants as well. The Deepwater Horizon Court Supervised Economic Settlement and the Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement were put into place to compensate businesses and individuals who suffered as a result of this disaster. If you lived and worked in an affected zone along the Gulf Coast and were a victim of the spill, you may be a good candidate to file a claim with an Oil Spill Attorney.

There is Still Time to File all Claims

If you believe you were negatively affected by the oil spill, there is still time to file a claim or pursue a lawsuit to receive the compensation you deserve. As a network partner to the non-profit group BPClaims.org, we help claimants connect with attorneys who are in this for the people first, not the money.


Our Oil Spill Attorneys

Should you choose to make an inquiry with us about seeking representation for your BP Claim, the lawyers you will meet through our network are genuine and hard-working. Our attorneys always answer their phones and keep their clients abreast of any developing news. Whenever possible the Oil Spill Attorneys file claims through the settlement, which allows claimants to receive a fair payment amount more quickly and with lower fees than litigating in court. Should your claim not meet the strict parameters set forth by the Court Supervised Settlement, these attorneys are able to prosecute BP directly, and for fees that are much lower than average.


Oil Spill Attorneys can Help You through this Process

As always, we will continue to fight for a fair and fast resolution for all of the claimants we represent. We will hold the DHCC to its word, and we will not stop or relent until we have gotten fair compensation for all of our client’s losses. When we find an attorney we think would be a good fit for your claim, please know that we don’t make recommendations lightly. We do not collect any fees from attorneys. We have always been here for one reason, and that is to help the people. The Oil Spill Attorneys in our network will go to bat for you. They can help with all of the following claims:


  • Business Claims
  • Individual Claims
  • Seafood Compensation Claims
  • Voo Claims
  • Property Claims
  • New Claims
  • Claims Denied through the GCCF
  • Claims that have been appealed by BP
  • Claims that need to be appealed


If you live in a coastal area that may have been affected by the spill, and have not yet filed a claim, you should contact an attorney immediately. You may be eligible for the settlement without realizing it, and you deserve to be compensated for any loss you have suffered as a result of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Our networks of Oil Spill Attorneys have offices conveniently located throughout the entire Gulf Coast. Contact us today for a free case evaluation, often it takes only minutes to verify if you or your business are indeed eligible to file a settlement.

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DeepWater Status Report

by admin on September 25, 2012

THE DHW September 5, 2012 First Status Report

oil spill attorneys  On September 5, 2012, the claims administrator for the DWH BP Settlement Agreement issued his first report on the status of claims review.  The report identified the review procedure, identified problem areas and produced information on the amounts and types of claims reviewed and paid under the Settlement Agreement.

As of the date of the report, the DWH claims facility reported that 483 business claims had been reviewed with 62 receiving eligibility/payment notices, 234 receiving incomplete notices and 185 claims receiving denials.   The total value of the 62 claims which received payment notices was nearly $11 million dollars.  However, at this point in time, the claims administration had not completely reviewed many of the larger, complex business claims due to several issues that have since been worked out.

In addition, the claims administrator has extended payment offers for 102 Seafood Compensation Program Claims valued at $8.5 million and 2,501 VoO Charter Payment Claims valued at more than $111 million.

In total, the claims administrator has issued payment offers for 3,347 claims for a total amount of nearly $139 million as of September 5, 2012.  Notably, the claims administrator stated that the claims facility would be escalating the pace of reviews as reviewers become more proficient at the new system and as they expand the number of reviewers who are fully trained.

Since the issuance of this report, our firms have noted that the review of claims has been expedited as the pace of claims review notices has increased.

Furthermore, in his first status report, the claims administrator discussed his concerns over the number of incomplete claims being received.   He noted that the Settlement Agreement required many more documents from claimants that were not required by the GCCF system.  Therefore, many of the business claims that were transferred from the GCCF contain deficient documentation which will prevent the claim from being paid.

Incredibly, of the claims reviewed by September 5, around 40% were missing one or more documents that the Settlement Agreement requires the claimant to submit in order to receive payment.

As a result of these strict document requirements under the settlement, on September 18, 2012  plaintiffs’ counsel and BP agreed to relax several of the documentation requirements which were causing problems, including the following non-exclusive list:

  • BP has agreed to waive any and all license requirements for business economic loss and/or individual economic loss claimants;
  • BP has agreed that Annual Profit and Loss Statements for a given year do not need to be submitted where the claimant has submitted all twelve Monthly P & Ls for that year

The claims administrator’s initial report also outlines the claims review process in detail. The first step of every review requires a thorough review of the documentation submitted in support of the claim.  Business Economic Loss claims then proceed to the Data Capture step, where reviewers retrieve payroll, tax return, profit and loss, financial statements and other revenue related information.

For Business Economic Loss claims, non-accountant reviewers retrieve all pertinent information and perform the causation analysis if needed and forward the claims to the accountant reviewers to determine the loss assessment.

The claims facility currently employs 152 accountants who determine whether the claims are eligible according to the compensation calculations. This calculation involves an in-depth review of the business’s monthly Profit and Loss statements.   For complex business loss claims, the compensation review required by the Settlement Agreement can take a week or more to prepare.  Thereafter, the claims facility generally forwards either a payment, incomplete or denial letter.



If you choose not to participate in the DHW claims process because you think the terms of the agreement are unfair or they just do not protect your interest, and if you want to keep all of your rights to sue BP, then you must opt-out of the settlement by November 1, 2012.

Our firms are reviewing and evaluating claims and advising clients on whether participation in the DHW settlement agreement or opting out their claims would be in their interest.   A decision on whether to opt-out or not is a case specific analysis which we can discuss with you.

But remember, if you do not opt-out of the settlement by November 1, 2012, your options are limited to only participation in the DHW settlement.


If your BP claim has been denied by the GCCF or DHW facility, need help with the reconsideration phase of the DHW settlement or with a new claim, or if your business has been impacted by the BP oil spill, it’s not too late to file a claim.  For a free consultation and information about whether you have a potential claim or to receive assistance with an existing claim, please contact our team by completing the questionnaire below.

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Pending GCCF Claims

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WHAT’S THE STATUS OF MY PENDING GCCF CLAIM? Importantly, the previous BP claims facility which was operated by BP through the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) and Ken Feinberg has closed its doors.  Importantly, if a claimant has filed a claim with the GCCF, they must now register their claim and qualify it through the […]

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Excluded Claims from the Settlement

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CLAIMS THAT ARE NOT COVERED BY THE SETTLEMENT The Settlement Agreement specifically excludes 19 different types of claims from the settlement including the following: Moratorium and certain oil and gas industry related claims Real estate developers Certain Gaming Industry claims, including casinos, racetracks, off-track betting, casino hotels, bingo parlors Banking, financial institutions, investors and advisors, […]

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